Photo Diary – October 14, 2012 at 06:59PM

Look at this handsome boy… and beautiful girl…

These are the power siblings… Logan and Laura!

You’re wondering… how do I know that kid? Well, it’s none other than our superstar formerly known as Lyosha from Kalinovka!

He’s sporting a new haircut, beautiful smile, beaming eyes…
Laura is also quite stunning… she’s his adopted sister now… but they are truly in all sense of the word “family.”

Logan is probably wondering how did his luck change in a blink of an eye… but that’s what makes life so beautiful after all.

I asked his mother Julie, a Maya’s Hope Guardian Angel sponsor… why isn’t he smiling? She said, because when he smiles, you can’t see his eyes!
We’ll show you guys later….. too cute for words. :)

Congratulations again to Julie and her family for this addition to their lives. And again, I’m ever so grateful to her to allow me to share these pictures of Logan… I still remember him tumbling around Kalinovka like a gymnast, being stubborn about drinking his own hot drink… and his desire to become independent…

Well, his hard work paid off… because Julie’s family fell in love with his fighting spirit and tenacity…

Logan is truly… a Maya’s Hope Superstar! :) via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook