Photo Diary – October 16, 2012 at 09:27PM

Oh no!!! We’re late!!!! for a super important day!!!

Maligayang Bati sa Iyong Kaarawan! (huh? say what?)

It was Fr. Boyet’s Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Fr. Boyet!!! In case you don’t know, Fr. Boyet is the founder of Bethlehem House of Bread Orphanage in the Philippines. He founded also San Martin Orphanage and is working on a home in Tondo, Manila!

I love featuring superheroes… Thank you Fr. Boyet for sharing your passion for helping children with the world!

Children can celebrate birthdays because of you. Some of these street children would have never lived past 12 years… but you stopped this cycle and gave them hope, education, and most importantly….. love.

It’s 12 hours ahead, so I’m reallly behind… but Happy Birthday a thousand times…

Maligayang Bati sa Iyong Kaarawan!
Maligayang Kaarawan!
Happy Birthday! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook