Photo Diary – October 20, 2012 at 02:26PM

Pamela contacted me a few months ago about wanting to sponsor a girl. She understood the struggles these children face… but she wanted a girl who really had to fight… She originally chose one of the eldest girls of the Arabe family, Michaela Joy, but a lucky sponsor Jennifer was able to beat her to Michaela Joy! (it happens!)

So I shared the story of Hermelina and how she lost her mother and lives with her grandparents…. Pamela was really enthusiastic to help and said, YES HERMELINA! I choose her!

Her wish is granted, and so is Hermelina’s.

The other night, I realized I made a mistake. (yes, I make mistakes)… and I forgot to send her confirmation email. So Pamela was asking me if she in fact was her sponsor… and I said yes yes yes… I’m so sorry I didn’t confirm it! I started to ask her questions about if she was able to read Tagalog and such, and then she wrote me “No problem. I can definitely read Tagalog. Whichever way works for me. You’re still up? You’re truly hard working and I appreciate all you do!”

It was so sweet that she appreciates my hard work. After all, I was messaging her at 2:00 am on a work night!

Thanks Pamela for choosing Hermelina! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook