Photo Diary – October 26, 2012 at 12:27AM

A letter from our caregiver Raisa!!!! So, you may or may not know… Maya’s Hope sponsors caregivers… why? Because these kids need help and a loving motherly figure…

We are so grateful to all of our Guardian Angel sponsors… and yes, you can become one too!!!

Raisa writes:
“Things are moving well in our dorm, there are some changes. Some children learned to hold a pen, to color, and they are learning letters. Dima, Maxim, Vanya, Oleg, Ilya.
Some news from the home – Alesha (Logan!!!) was adopted into an American family.
We do drawing on the asphalt as well as take long walks outside in the fresh air with a ball.
Our dorm was renovated – added euro-windows on our veranda.
Funny story – Every morning Ilya goes in the shower and showers independently. No sad ones.

Everything is fine in my family. My daughter is studying at the Berdyansk Institute; my son is in the 11th grade, my husband and I are working.”

(Translation: Kat Dudina) via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook