Photo Diary – September 13, 2012 at 07:27PM

I received a VERY special present today. It was a picture of my dear sweet Vanya… from Kalinovka. One of the Maya’s Hope sponsors took Vanya’s picture and sent it special delivery to me…
For those of you who don’t know, Vanya is the reason why I decided to help all the children at Kalinovka. I fell in love with a child who took away the worries and fears that I struggle with and I saw a brave little boy whose smile and laugh would erase my worry in an instant. He is THAT magical.

So every time I see an update on Vanya, I get realllllly excited. But THIS time… I didn’t feel that warm fuzzy feeling.. I felt very distraught as I saw his face which seemed to be filthy… I know that filth. I remember it. And I feel in a way that I somehow let him down… so I will work harder to find ways to improve Vanya’s life… I wish I could be there to wipe his face, carry him, hold him… Because I owe Vanya so much… He taught me that life is beautiful… even in a remote village in Ukraine… without a mom, without a dad… and that laughter cures all pain…

I truly miss this little boy… via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook