Photo Diary – September 20, 2012 at 04:21PM

Here’s one of our very FIRST Maya’s Hope superstars…

Resty is the sponsor “child” of David and Lindsey from New York. He has been sponsored for three years now… He recently got his non pro driver’s license so that he can do deliveries while he goes to college in Bulacan. When he was first in our program, he was living at Damascus Orphanage in the Philippines. He studies Hotel, Restaurant and Services and three days week, he delivers water.

He also monitors resident in dorms after he makes deliveries and invites others to play basketball to improve physical strength.

Resty says: I’m working so hard just to finish my studies as my main goal in life.”

He is grateful to David and Lindsey for their continued help. Resty’s sponsorship helps him immensely… and he still believes in giving back by helping those at Damascus Orphanage.

He is a Maya’s Hope superstar! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook