Photo Diary – September 22, 2012 at 11:56PM

Who on earth could call this little squishy cutie pie “Chubby?”

So, I was going through casefiles last night for a sponsor and I came across little Maila Christina. She is one of the kids who comes from a squatter area in Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines. Her parents both cannot find work, but what really broke my heart was not that she was poor, but that her nickname is “Chubby.”

Maila Christina is five years old… and she lives by the riverside.

And while in America it may seem glamorous to live by the riverside, this is quite the opposite in squatter areas. During my visits, I discovered, it means living with … (gasp)… rodents.

Maila Christina has two sisters. One of them just got sponsored by Pamela in New Jersey. I’m hoping to get Maila Christina sponsored asap simply because she’s cute, and her favorite subject is English, and because I want her to do so well in school, so that her nickname isn’t “Chubby” but “Smarty pants.”

Please share this if you know anyone who may want to help Maila Christina… She’s too darn cute. via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook