Photo Diary – September 30, 2012 at 07:53AM

Who is this pretty lady beaming with joy???

Well, this is Julie!

Wanna know why she is fantabulously amazing? She is a Maya’s Hope Guardian Angel sponsor (meaning she sponsors a caregiver at Kalinovka) … aaaaaaand, she decided to take a trip across the world to visit Lyosha at Kalinovka Orphanage in Ukraine!

She just couldn’t resist to give him big squishy hugs in addition to other cutie pies at Kalinovka….

Also, because I adore Julie for her compassion, big heart of gold, strength, brains, and resilience, I even have asked her to make the decision on who we hire for our third caregiver!

Oops! that’s also another surprise… so many surprises to come!

Clue number 4 is…. Doesn’t Lyosha looks happy in the arms of Julie? (I can’t get over how their eyes look so similar… almost as if they were related – wink wink) via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook