Ryan Dultra


Ryan Dultra • Date of Birth: 09/15/2002

Health: Good • Religion: Catholic

Favorite Pastimes: Reading Books/Drawing • Favorite Subject: Mathematics • Favorite game or sports: Basketball
Jobs at home: Cooking, Washing & all household chores

Number of Brothers: 4 • Number of sisters: 1 • Lives with: Parents

Parents: Father’s Name:Francisco P. Dultra • Occupation: Ice Cream Vendor
Mother’s Name: Modesta Dultra • Occupation: Housemaid

Living Condition
Running Water: Yes • Electricity: Yes • Latrine: Yes • Cooking Facilities: Charcoal

Home Construction
Walls: Concrete • Type of Roof: Galvanized Iron • Floor: Cemented • No. of Rooms: 2

He was a 4th placer in the last National Competition for Cartooning Contest held in Dumaguete City. Graduated as Valedictorian last year. He was an academic achiever (with High Honors) for the Third Quarter. He needs some help because all his siblings has a mental problem when they reach the age of 18.

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