Snail mail arrival: October letters!

Every month we share our letters from our Maya’s Hope Mommas!

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Valya’s letter

2013-11-13 17-14-12_0189

Hello, dear girlfriend!

My boys and I are sending you a big hello. I’d like to share with you our good news. Everything is fine.

Maksim B. is making me happy – he started drawing circles in his notebook and repeats many words. Maybe with time he will learn to speak independently. He also tries to stay within the lines when coloring in his coloring book.


Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

Also Maksim P. has started asking to use the toilet, which is good.

All the boys like to be outside and watch cartoons.
In October we had 2 birthdays:


Sergey turned 16
Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

Sergey  – 10/21/97 (16 years old). We baked him a pie and gave presents.

And on 10/25/2000 it was Maksim Balabas’s turn to celebrate. We also baked him a pie and gave him presents.

Artem went through a series of medical treatments at the Zaporozh’e Regional Hospital.

That’s all the news we have.


Respectfully – all of us.


Raisa’s letter

2013-11-13 17-17-45_0190

Hello, dear girlfriend,

This letter is from the caregiver, Raya G., and our children. Everything here is fine. We spend more time now in our playroom.

Sasha V. can walk from his room to the playroom while holding on to a caregiver’s hand.


Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

Anzhela  stands well in her crib, and is also learning to walk little by little.

Snezhana loves to play in the playroom and pronounces some words.

Igor  G. has started pronouncing some words better.

Every day the kids go for massage and have become more active and calmer.

At home everything is fine. My children are studying, they come home on the weekends and it’s nice to spend time with them.

No other news.

Good-bye. Respectfully,



Sophie’s letter

2013-11-13 17-03-28_0187


Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

How are you? I am well. At work everything is also fine. The kids are constantly making me happy. They are getting better at math. They can write dictated numbers and know their digits out of order. They can recognize 2 and 3-dimensional shapes; perform independent tasks on comparison, subtraction and addition.

When not in class, the kids watch cartoons and play various games outdoors.

Also, the children’s home recently hosted a concert‎. There were singing, dancing and a puppet show. The kids were full of different emotions and received presents as well.

In general everything is fine. Good-bye!


Lilya’s letter

2013-11-13 16-58-45_0185 2013-11-13 16-59-55_0186









Hi, Tanya!  (She addresses to Tanya so she feels she’s writing to a girlfriend!)

How are you? How is your health?

Everything is fine with us and I’m wishing you the same!


Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

At work things are excellent. The kids are learning, trying hard! In the evenings almost everyone is busy beading or embroidering. Sergey P. is almost done embroidering a picture. He is very careful and hard working. Embroidering with beads is practically making jewelry. But Sergey can do it all!

We made a lot of parts with the guys. Sasha Z. surprises me with his passion for embroidery. He can’t see well, but when instructed, his work is not bad at all. He is better at gardening and singing!

Artem sent through a series of treatments. Now he goes to massage therapy. He became even more active! In general in the boys’ house everything is going great! They became a real family!

That’s all! Write! Wishing you luck!



Olga’s letter

2013-11-13 17-09-01_0188

Hello, dear girlfriend,


Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

Sending you the warmest wishes from Olga and our children. Everything here is fine. I cannot say that we are spoiled by the weather, so we spend more time in the playroom. Our everyday life has brought some successes. Sasha V. has begun to walk with more confidence from his ‎room to the playroom, with my help. Anzhela G. can stand well with support and we are learning to walk. Olya F. looks at toys with interest and plays the piano. Nastya M.  flips through a book and when her eyes stop on a picture she likes, she begins to tell the story in her own language.

All the children go to massage therapy. Their overall condition has become more active and they sleep better at night.


Natasha with our massage therapist Sasha
Photo: Mariya Syemashkina

At home everything is fine. My children visited over the weekend and we had a great time.

That’s our story.








Translation by Kat Dudina

Photos: Mariya Syemashkina