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Can you imagine living on less than $2 a day? It’s quite difficult to find a decent meal (let alone any meal) with just that — which is why it’s surprising that almost half of the population in the Philippines survive on less!

Not surprisingly, living at poverty level is even harder for kids. There are over 40 million children in the Philippines, but almost half of these kids (barely) survive on a few dollars per week, after learning to provide for themselves from a very young age. Of the 20 million living below the poverty lines, nearly 2 million are orphans.

Sacrificing an education to work may be common for kids in the Philippines, but that doesn’t make it right.

Your sponsorship will ensure that a child can receive an education, proper nutrition, and basic medical care. Since we believe in helping the children succeed on their own through education, your child is required to maintain a good grade average to qualify.

How to help

– Sponsorship begins at just $1 a day.

– Choose a child that melts your heart. Smile, knowing they’ll receive uniforms, school supplies, regular meals and medical care, vitamins, and personal support.

– Receive regular photo updates and handwritten letters from your sponsored child.

– Only $33 a month. To get started email info@mayashope.org or click the button below.

– Do you want to save a child through an emergency medical surgery?  Click here to learn more.

Sponsor a Cutie Pie

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