Megan’s Hope for Paul


The First Meeting

A year ago, my husband Ryan and I were in Ukraine.  We travelled there to adopt our son Paul, who was in an orphanage.  Paul has Down Syndrome, and we knew that the care of orphans, especially those with special needs, was not very good in his country.  We also knew his future looked so bleak and that he would end up in an adult mental institution by the age of 5 if he wasn’t adopted.



Megan and Paul

The experience of his orphanage changed us.  We wanted so badly to do MORE for the children we left behind.  We decided to create Project Charity because we wanted to support those people and organizations who help the “least among us”.



Paul today!

I had heard of Maya’s Hope because of their work at Kalinovka in Ukraine.  They were doing exactly that which we hoped to support–even in the very country and with the very children we had in mind.  I was so glad that when I contacted Maya about partnering with us, she was on board.  My hope is that together, we can show love and give hope to children who desperately need it.


This week, Project Charity designed shirts exclusively for Maya’s Hope. This is a HUGE deal for us! We’re so excited and hope you can support Project Charity AND Maya’s Hope!  We’re working together to bring awareness to these kids that have no one to fight for them!


Usually, we have to do all our FB designs, but look at what they did for us!  Check it out!


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