Thank You for School Supplies! (update from Agnes in Norzagaray, Philippines)

The cutie pies at Norzagaray, Philippines


The cutie pies being funny

We received an update from Agnes, a social worker who works with Leila (the administrator at Bethlehem orphanage). She thanks us for the school supplies and reports that the children were happy to receive them just in time for the next semester:

Dear Maya,

Hello there..

I am here again to report on the status of the children here in Norzagaray, they are all now in school, same with Ma. Cristina Ramirez, who is now enrolled in Kinder at Bangkal Elementary School, they are staying there because his father works there and go back here in Upper Bigte every weekend. Her mother give me their contact number so that I could easily call them whenever needed.

I have sent you some of the pictures taken when they received their school supplies, and also next week I plan to take pictures of them in school, in which some of them are in same school, maybe I could gather them and take shots of them together. So far they are now happy and excited for the school year.

Some of the parents are officers of the PTA (parents-teachers association) held in school just this afternoon. I happen to go there and meet some of the parents. As what is ask for them, they attended the 1st school meeting.

The children are all happy to receive their school supplies, THANK YOU very much to all the SPONSORS and Ate Maya for all of your efforts and support to us. They will study well in return to your kind heart to them.

God bless and take care…

Sincerely yours,


Pictures attached:

Thank you for the school supplies!

Leila and Agnes distributing school supplies

Thank you sponsors!