The Story of Baby Ella!

Meet baby Ella!


Marchella (baby Ella) is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. She has 3 siblings and lives with her parents. Her mother stays at home to care for the children and her father works as a driver. Her father has been unable to work since COVID quarantine began as public transport has been stopped. To earn money to feed her family, her mother has been making US$2-4 occasionally by selling sticky rice and bananas.


We fell in love with baby Ella as soon as we saw her face! She was malnourished and needed urgent help. We raised funds to purchase formula, diapers, wipes, bottles and more for her.

We ordered the supplies and they were shipped. What we didn’t know was that baby Ella’s mother had to travel by boat (in the rain) to collect them. But she did it happily. She was just grateful that someone out there saw the value in her child and wanted to help her.

Her mother wrote this, and we needed to share it with you.

“I would like to share to Maya’s Hope how thankful we are for what you gave to baby ellah ,, for me as a hopeless mother before,,i cant imagine how we can cope up for those difficulties that we experience for the life of baby ellah,, we struggle from the beginning of her birth,,,from her herniah operation with her small and tiny body,,,theres a time that i lose hope thinking of all the expenses that we need for her,,,theres a time that i want to surrender because its almost a year but we are always denied assistance even in a little things😔😔 many laboratories that she need,,citiscan,,exray,,eent,,we pray to find ways to be done all of those laboratories,,,we need to consult neuro pedia,,ortho pedia because of her condition mild cerebral palsey with global developmental delay,, and even therapist for her stiff bones😔😔 and god is always good he always send as a miracle to face all our fears and all trials that we have🙏🙏

And now baby ella is going good little by little she improve well her motor skill,,from always lying to crawling from one point to another😊her weight is improving to💕 and this is beacuse of the oppurtunity to be one of your beneficiaries to take her right formula for her condition ♥️♥️♥️Maya’s Hope,,you gave us more than we expected,,and we will thank for this everyday of our life💕💕we will never forget that in many people in the world you,, that so far is the one who help baby ellah💕 especially in this time of pandemic♥️🙏

Thankyou very much Maya’s Hope,,,i will thankyou again and again,,,with the union of prayers for all the people behind of Maya’s Hope succes of helping many peoples in needs,💕💕god bless you always♥️

Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters. We could not do this without YOU!

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Baby Ella is gaining weight!

If you would like to sponsor baby Ella and help provide for her ongoing needs, you can sign up HERE!

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