We are getting therapy! For the cutie pies!

It finally happened!  We got therapy!

You know our cutie pies spend their days in cribs and some suffer from serious atrophy, so we had to jump in and find a solution! So we did!

After some months, our amazing partner, Mariya Syemashkina, found a physical therapist to come every month and give massages.

We asked her some questions, and we wanted to share with you!


Tell us about our new therapist!

1294500_693842930630328_627792718_oHis name is Sasha (yes, one more Sasha). He is from Zaporozhye (The region where the village of Kalinovka is located in Ukraine.) He hasn’t worked with a lot of disabled kids before, but has worked privately with young and the elderly.


How much is he earning for his services?

He will earn $500+ USD a month.  We’ll pay the fuel for him to come there, he will work every 2nd week for 7 days, it means at least 14 days a month.


1265926_693837860630835_1698853155_oWhich children will be benefiting from the therapy?

He will work with bedridden kids only and every day 8 other bedridden kids will have massages.  They theoretically will get massaged as long, as we will pay him.


How do the children react when they get massaged?

Children smile, laugh and make satisfied noises, when they get massages.


Do you want to become a sponsor?  You can!

Email for details!

OR you can make a one time donation here


Maya made this video in April 2013 which explains more about Margarita’s Hope, the program that covers the therapy for the children!



Submitted by Maya Rowencak.



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