Our caregivers receive training from visiting psychologists (update from Mariya’s visit to Kalinovka)

Mariya, our partner in Ukraine who works with Happy Child Foundation, visited Kalinovka last month. One of the highlights of the visit was a training session for the caregivers by two child psychologists, Viktoriya and Mariya, who visited from Kiev and Odessa.

Clockwise from the left: our caregiver Nataly, our CT Olga, our CT Sophie, caregiver Valya, psychologist Viktoriya and Mariya from Kiev and Odessa.

From Mariya: “On the 1st picture you can see clockwise our caregiver Nataly, our CT Olga, our CT Sophie, caregiver Valya, with psychologists Viktoriya and Mariya from Kiev and Odessa. Both girls still work with disabled children in families. They told about art therapy, fairy tale therapy and music therapy.”

Raisa, Olga, Nataly and our CT Lilya with the “teachers” Mariya and Viktoriya

“In the next picture you can see Ilya and his expression when he saw pears that I brought for them…”

Viktoriya and Mariya playing with the boys

“Vladik also wanted to be in my pictures”

“Vladik is available for adoption. I can make a profile for him, but after I’ll be back in September. Now I made profiles for Yura, Vanya, Maxim and Oleg and I still wait for their profiles numbers, which we can receive in a state’s departament.”

“On my last pictures here is Raisa with the boy Zhenya. We sometimes have funny conversations because he comes with the same questions many times. When I first saw him, he asked me many times – where is my mom? (His mother visits him and he also was with him at the hospital when he was ill.)

Raisa and Zhenya

“Last time when I was there, he asked very many times about water — very silently he told and told, that he wanted to drink. After he got water, he asked for it again and again, ‘I want to drink.’ Then I said to him also, ‘I want to drink too, and he smiled and said, I haven’t water.’ Best, Mariya.”