Wilfredo M. Ramos III


Wilfredo M. Ramos III • Date of Birth: November 27, 2012

Religion: Roman Catholic

Favorite Pastimes: playing • Favorite Subject: Math • Favorite game or sports: basketball • Jobs at home: sweeping the floor

Number of Brothers: 1 • Number of sisters: N/A • Lives with: grandparents

Parents: Father’s Name: Wilfredo R. Ramos, Jr. • Occupation: delivery boy
Mother’s Name: Racquel M. Ramos • Occupation: House wife

Living Condition
Running Water: yes •  Electricity: yes • Latrine: yes • Cooking Facilities: Firewood

Home Construction
Walls: Hollowed Blocks • Type of Roof: galvanized • Floor: cemented • No. of Rooms: 1

He is a kinder pupil. They don’t have their own house. He has poor health.

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