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Creating Miracles: Zavria’s Inspiring Journey

When I was a kid, I was bullied a lot. I was bullied almost every day.

I was bullied because I was fat.

It took a toll. I was angry, humiliated, and had low self-esteem. I was even embarrassed to go to the pool.

But over the years, I was able to lose weight and became super active in college. It took its natural course. But I was able to overcome it.

In Zavria’s case, this was something she faced every day. Except diet and exercise would never take away this bulge from her neck.

Her mother is quite religious and would pray the bulge would go away. She prayed for a miracle. And it just never seemed that their daughter would get rid of this bulge that she had to hide every day.

People would make fun of this little girl because of a condition that she had no control over and that only surgery would solve.

This is her story:

Zavria is five years old and lives in the Philippines. She was born with a lymphangioma on the left side of her neck, which prevented her from turning her head normally. Although it was non-cancerous it had impacted her life tremendously.

In the summer of 2022, Maya’s Hope helped raise funds for Sclerotherapy for her lymphangioma. The procedure was done on August 5th, and the initial result seemed positive. Unfortunately, after about a month the cyst grew bigger once more. Since Sclerotherapy did not work, the doctor advised that surgery would be the best option.

November 2022 was a turning point for Zavria as she finally underwent the long-awaited surgery. The lump on her neck was successfully removed, filling this little girl’s heart with pure joy! We are immensely grateful to our sponsors who made this incredible transformation possible.

She is super confident in school and proudly shows her neck. She doesn’t cover up anymore. She does well academically and has the confidence to be the best she can be.

Here’s to making miracles and helping cutie pies reach their potential.


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