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Life-Saving Surgery for Aeris

Last September, a cutie pie named Aeris was born in the Philippines.

She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, myelomeningocele, and encephalocele. By February of this year, her head circumference reached 26 inches! (The average baby for the same age is 16 inches.)

The only solution was surgery to save her life. Her parents could never afford such surgery and were worried that their child was going to die.

They turned to Maya’s Hope to save their daughter. We were their last hope.

Maya was visiting the Maya’s Hope cutie pies in February. After Maya visited a hospital and met Aeris and her parents, she wrote to donors to ask if they would fully fund this emergency admission.

And they agreed!

The surgery was indeed a success!

Aeris’ head started shrinking. Now it’s 24 inches in circumference. Isn’t it amazing?

Thank you to the donors who made this miracle happen!

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