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Remembering Jennifer Allen

This picture popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook. 

And it seems like it was yesterday. 

I met her in 2015 in the Philippines.  I saw her while I was in a parking lot at a hospital visiting another child. I ran up to this little girl and her mom, and I asked if they needed help. 

(I know, such a weird question to ask.)

But I was with my colleague and field worker and I had asked her to translate if this little girl needed help. 

The little girl had covered her mouth with a mask because she didn’t want to show her mouth.  

I said I was from America and I run a charity in the USA.  And that I’d like to help if I can.  

Her mom agreed to accept our help, and we had her evaluated. She was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma.

I contacted many doctors here in the states to help Jennifer Allen, and sadly, the hospitals would not accept her without a financial guarantee.  I tried everything I could to help.  But never gave up.

I fundraised to help her with her treatments in the Philippines.  I visited her again and we took photos as friends.  She posed with the doll that my intern had made for her.  She posed next to the colorful sari-sari shop.  It was a “girl’s day” filled with joy and laughter.  I also came to her home where we colored together. 

For more than two years, we provided continuous support.   I was even still writing doctors asking for more photos so I could find help for her in the states. 

And then I got the text: “Jennifer Allen is on God’s hand now the memory of my loving sweet princess remains in our heart…”

She left this world on January 23, 2018 at 1pm.   

Recently, my daughter found a coloring book. She wanted to color in it, and I was hesitant.  I said, “We can’t color in that.”

And she asked, “Did you color these?”

I said, “A little girl named Jennifer Allen colored these.”

I had kept the coloring book that we colored in together because it was one of the treasured memory of ours.  

So I told my daughter, “You know what? We can color in it together.”

So, we did.  I knew that Jennifer Allen would want us to color together. 

There are certain people in this world, whom you never forget. 

Jennifer Allen is forever in my heart. 



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