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We saved Jianna!

A miracle happened this weekend. A big miracle. We saved this baby’s life! 

Jianna was born with an encephalocele. It grew and grew and grew. The parents tried to get the surgery done, and they waited for calls, but they never got one. Jianna’s mom desperately pleaded with Maya’s Hope to save her child. Our team acted with the heist and found one donor who was willing to fund the entire surgery and medical needs. And we were ready to go. Then the rollercoaster began. 

Jianna and her mom both tested positive for COVID. Then we lost two weeks. Then Jianna’s mother tested negative but Jianna was still positive. Her lump kept growing. Finally, after another two weeks, Jianna tested negative. We admitted her for surgery. But the doctor was out of the country. 4 days later, the surgery happened. And this is Jianna today. 

This is the reason why Maya’s Hope exists. Thank you for saving Jianna. Thank you for giving hope to families. Thank you for valuing this precious child’s life.

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